10 Reasons to Avoid Sugar This Holiday Season

A good diet significantly contributes to your body’s ability to be at its best. Many of us focus on new resolutions after the excesses of the holiday season, so have a look at these points to help strengthen your determination not to overdo refined and sugary foods.

Sugar, in its many forms, is an increasingly common ingredient in processed foods. Many of us eat the equivalent of 53 teaspoons of white sugar every day!  Here are ten reasons to avoid refined (white) sugar:

  • Sugar contributes to tooth decay because it decreases the effectiveness of a particular type of white blood cell that “eats”  harmful bacteria.
  • Sugar causes the body to release more adrenalin, which may explain hyperactivity in young children.
  • Calcium loss in urine occurs when a person consumes a soft drink containing sugar.
  • Ingesting sugar makes the pancreas work harder to produce insulin. Diabetes results when the overworked pancreas can no longer eliminate sugar from the blood stream.
  • Bleached with chlorine, when white refined sugar is exposed to certain organic compounds it converts to dioxin, which is a lethal compound.
  • Sugar can hinder weight loss because high insulin levels (see number 4 above) cause the body to retain any excess carbohydrates as fat.
  • Sugar increases the likelihood of chronic fatigue.
  • Sugar increases mood swings, irritability and anxiety.
  • Sugar compromises the immune system because it lowers the efficiency of white blood cells for a minimum of five hours after ingesting the sugar.
  • Eating sugar can decrease helpful high-density cholesterol (HDLs) and result in an increase in harmful cholesterol (LDLs).

Need to sweeten your food? Raisins, dates or honey are safe and simple alternatives. They’re easily available in many forms and can be the perfectly natural way to satisfy any sweet tooth!

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