Stop Back Pain Before It Starts


If you have back pain, Bauman is the place. We adjust, stretch, massage, exercise away. But hey, we are all about the betterment of our fellow community. Here is a quick list of common offenders I found that cause back pain. Being aware is the first step to altering your behavior and saving yourself from pain.

  • Watch how you sit. Make sure you sit in a supportive chair, so that your back is curved like an “s” not a “c”. Keep you feet on the ground, and avoid crossing your legs. Get up and stretch every half an hour, to take stress off your back.


  • Stand tall. Posture is everything. Make sure your head is stacked atop your neck, not jutting forward. Keep your shoulders back, and your back as straight as possible.


  • Walk a mile in the right shoes. Make sure your shoes have enough cushioning to provide enough support and shock-absorption. Without it, you will jar the bones and muscles in your lower back. So make smart shoe decisions, not only in the gym, but even with your slippers.


  • Quit smoking. Besides the obvious health benefits, a 2010 review of 40 studies found that smokers have more back pain than non-smokers. This might be due to the reduction of blood flow to the spine.


  • “I lift things up and put them down.” You have to know to lift smart. Sure, most people know the common saying, lift with your legs not your back… but what about something light? Health Magazine says to lean over it, bend one knee slightly, and extend the other leg behind you. Hold onto a chair or table for support.


  • Sleep smart. Make sure you aren’t pilling up the pillows, as this can cause neck strain. Consider using the tempur pedic pillows for equal levels of support and comfort.


Keeping these few tips in mind throughout the day can make a big difference in the way you feel, so start practicing these today!


source; meccamedical.comby Heather

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