Posture Matters!!


Like dentistry, an early chiropractic exam can pick up (or detect) future problems. A normal posture would be level head, shoulders, and hips. The head should sit over the shoulders (front and side), the scapula should be flat and level and the feet should point out straight.

If we find any of these to be abnormal (or if we find any variances), this is an early indicator that your child has already had a fall or small tumble that has strained the spine. The way the body adapts to this minor trauma (or strain) is to shift the posture.

There also may be silent warning signals that this is affecting your child’s nervous system. Six warning signals are difficulty sleeping, poor posture, weak immune system, behavioral problems, respiratory or food allergies, and digestion and elimination problems.

With gentle adjustments to the spine, chiropractors can identify and correct spinal stressors, allowing for proper functioning of the nervous system and, ultimately, optimal health!

source; Total Balance Chiropractic

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