How To Protect Your Bones

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Real Simple Magazine outlined a great guide to protecting your bone health – and even broke it down by decades, so you know what you should be doing based on your age range.

There are some basic tips that everyone should be following in order to keep your bones strong and supportive throughout your life, and most of them you already know, and probably follow to help other areas of your health. They called it “Timeless Advice”, which I think is perfectly titled.  No matter what age you are, you can begin following these guidelines to improve your bone health.

1- Eat Right. Consuming a diet rich in fruits, veggies, and low fat dairy will ensure that you maintain your daily intake of vitamins and minerals – such as calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin D – which will boost the strength of your bones.

2- Exercise. Real Simple notes that “exercise can have a greater effect on bone strength than calcium consumption, according to recent research.” High impact exercises are recommended, such as running and weight training.

3- Drop the Cigarette.  Smoking has been shown to reduce estrogen levels and cause an earlier onset of menopause, both of which contribute to a loss in bone density, making you susceptible to fractures and breaks.

4- Watch Salt & Alcohol.  A high salt diet is associated with excess calcium excretion, and more than one alcohol drink a day could be harmful to estrogen levels. A fine example of a little bit can go a long way. Another staple in the American diet to stay away from? Caffeine. 

One thing they don’t mention, that would be great no matter what your age? Chiropractic care of course! Maintaining  routine chiropractic adjustments will help you live pain free, allowing you to enjoy an active lifestyle. An increase in activity will add more loading on bone mass,  increasing your bone mass density.


source; Mecca Integrated Medical Center – by Heather

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