6 Tips to Beat High Blood Sugar Levels and Cravings

You hear it all the time, avoid processed foods or sugary foods they will cause weight gain and blood sugar crashes.  Sugar and the consumption of sugar is a very hot topic these days, and for good reason.

Weight issues in all age groups are an epidemic in this country.  Inflammatory disease of the body is linked to many issues and diabetes is  on the rise.  Americans are living with pre-diabetes, a condition where blood sugar levels are high and they don’t even know it.  Pre-diabetes is a precursor for developing Type 2 diabetes.

Not only is processed foods or high sugary foods linked to diseases such as the ones listed above, sugar is also a very addictive substance.  Research had shown us that when we eat sugar or processed foods that convert to sugar quickly, it floods the brain with dopamine, just like alcohol, cocaine and other drugs.   Lab tests have confirmed that cutting off the sugary supply will result in withdrawal like symptoms.  Sugar is addictive.

There are many damaging effects of eating a diet high in processed foods and high sugary foods.

  1. ■         blood vessel damage (inflammation)
  2. ■         diabetes
  3. ■         heart attack
  4. ■         stroke
  5. ■         blindness (my grandmother was blind from diabetes)
  6. ■         gum and teeth issues
  7. ■         infertility
  8. ■         Alzheimer’s
  9. ■         kidney failure

High levels of blood sugar levels put undo stress on our organs and we actually start to rust out, just like a piece of metal.  Stress causes the body to break down.

How do we avoid blood sugar highs?

Tip #1 – Eat real whole foods in balance

Eating high quality foods that God gave us, in balance will ensure a more even blood sugar levels.  Each time you eat look at your plate and ask yourself, what is my organic protein, healthy fat and colorful carb.  When you eat this way you are providing lots of fiber from the colorful carb.  The colorful carb should be between 1-3 cups pre meal and 1/2 that for a snack. The fat and protein along with the fiber will give a slow release of glucose to your system and keep you fuller longer.

Tip #2 – Be prepared

Plan to eat every 3-4 hours and bring a balanced snack with you.   This way you are never fully hungry but maintain a steady blood sugar level by eating smaller amounts but more times a day.  Many of my clients implement this plan and find that their energy levels go up, they feel better and they lose weight.

Tip #3 – Don’t allow it in the house

I’m a recovering sugar addict.  Having an item in the house that is high in sugar is very hard for me to avoid or crowd out.  It’s best for me to not have it in the house.  Our household has established loving upgrades and we will every so often find an upgrade at the Coop or Whole foods that is acceptable, however, I still try not to have them in the house.  For example, 70% dark chocolate, or a quality organic ice cream.

Tip #4 – Distract Yourself

When you have a craving, drink a glass of water and then go get active for 20 minutes or more.  I go for a walk, crank the music and dance, call a friend, read a book, take a bath or sauna or play a game with my kids.  Many times when a craving comes about we are really unfulfilled in an area of our lives.  We’re bored, sad, unsatisfied in our work or relationships and what we really need is some self care.  Distracting yourself to do something other than eating is usually what is needed, not that we are hungry.

Tip #5 – Your Cravings May Not be Your Fault

Our bodies are chemistry labs.  With environmental elements, hormone, stress etc., our chemistry is always being altered.  The gut is the first place to start working on when we have lots of cravings.  Taking glutamine (an Amino Acid) and adding in probiotics has been super helpful in healing my gut and eliminating cravings.  If you need help in finding supplementation to support your gut, email me and we can schedule a time to chat.

Tip #6 – Schedule to do a Cleanse

Eating a clean diet, and crowding out high allergen foods will dramatically reduce your chances of getting the diseases listed above and it will dramatically reduce or eliminate your cravings.  The 7 Day Sugar Cleanse has helped over 150 do just that.   Early Bird Registration going on right now.

Do understand, that talks and article on sugar is not just a fad or a trend, it’s true science on how sugar is silently killing us slowly and it is a major culprit to this country’s health crises.  It’s not going to improve until, we start to realize what sugar is, and what foods convert to sugar and how to crowd it out of our diets and replace those items with real God given foods. Join us Feb. 19th, 2014 to learn how to do just that.

Beth Schupanitz of Inspiring Health is a Registered Nutrition Consultant and Certified Health Coach specializing in weight loss,  eating gluten free and kicking the sugar habit to the curb . Some call her the Sugar Mama.  A recovering sugar addict, Beth knows first-hand how to overcome the chains of sugar.   She works with the total person in discovering the imbalance and root issue in the body to better solve the mystery of weight gain.  Customizing a program through real whole food meal planning, stress reduction, cleansing and movement are some of the areas of focus in achieving her clients’ weight loss and health goals.

source; Lake Pointe Chiropractic – By: Beth Schupanitz of Inspiring Health Solutions

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