Chronic Knee Pain

Many people suffer every day from chronic, debilitating knee pain. Our knees take a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis. Stairs, running and even walking become a daunting task when our knees are not in tip top condition.

In the elderly, chronic knee pain can be caused by arthritis which shows up as a painful and swollen joint. Arthritis can easily lead to a degenerative disease since the bones can rub together and cause deterioration. Besides arthritis, there are many causes of knee pain that require a doctor to diagnose.

Knee Pain and Your Chiropractor

Your chiropractor is a great source for help with chronic pain. A qualified chiropractor will have the main objective of using therapies to lessen the pain and swelling so the afflicted person becomes capable of performing normal activities such as walking and climbing.

When you visit your chiropractor, you can expect to receive some form of physical therapy. In addition to applying chiropractic treatment to the affected area, he or she is likely to recommend certain exercises to the patient that will help develop stronger leg muscles. Certain weight resistance exercises for quadriceps are helpful in building stronger muscles thereby reducing the load on the knees. If a patient participates in a sports activity which may worsen the problem, then the doctor may suggest a shift into a more suitable sports activity.

Overcoming Chronic Knee Pain

This kind of pain and swelling can also be avoided by strengthening exercises designed for leg muscle groups like hamstrings and quadriceps. In some instances, limitation of activity is recommended by doctors to fully heal knee pain and swelling. As suggested earlier, only a medical specialist can correctly diagnose the pain and swelling so you can receive effective treatment

Other knee pain can indicate symptoms of something more serious depending where the pain is located. Some causes can be bursitis, softening of the patella or Bakers cysts.  Overcoming chronic knee pain is not that difficult especially when the patient follows a chiropractor’s advice.

source; Anthem Chiropractic – by, Dr. Derek Day –

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