Are Hand Sanitizers Safe?

When you constantly use hand sanitizers, you never challenge your immune system.  It doesn’t have the chance to develop fully.  Unless you’re a surgeon, believing you have to sterilize yourself is a mistake. You’re isolating yourself from the natural world we were born to thrive in.  Our natural world is not sterile.  We are meant to be exposed to bacteria.

Not all bacteria are bad.  In fact, small bacteria help to keep resistant bacteria under control.  Hand sanitizers kill off all the small bacteria.  They allow resistant bacteria to grow unchecked.

Bacteria grow so strong they become resistant to antibiotic medications.  But it’s not just bacteria you have to worry about.  The antibacterial ingredient in the hand sanitizer can be dangerous.

For example, most of the those hand sanitizers that have become so popular have something in them called triclosan.  Every time you use a hand sanitizer that contains triclosan, some of it is absorbed into your skin and interferes with your hormones.

Triclosan has been shown to lower your production of thyroid hormone.  Low thyroid can give you symptoms like fatigue, muscle aches, and weight gain.  And, when triclosan was tested on animals, it decreased their testosterone by one third.  When it was tested on pregnant animals, it prevented the mothers’ estrogen from reaching their unborn babies.  It also caused changes in breast tissue and increased cancer cells, even when tested for less than a month.

So, what do you do?  In this case, the advice is easy.

  • Don’t ever use any hand sanitizers because you don’t need them.
  • To keep clean and prevent infections or viruses, use “good old fashioned soap” and warm water instead.  The kind of soap we used for 100 years before all this hysteria started over bacteria.  Ivory and Lava soap have been around since the 1800’s.  These are just two examples of good soaps to use.
  • Always check the label before you buy.  If your soap, cream, or any other solution says “antibacterial” on it, don’t buy it.

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