Back Pain Bad Habits

Low back pain (also known as lumbago) is the cause of 40% of missed days of work in the United States and is the single greatest cause of disability across the world.

It is felt in the back and typically starts in the muscles, nerves, bones, joints or other structures of the spine.

It can develop suddenly or it can be a chronic pain; it may be constant or intermittent, may stay in one place or reach out to other areas. It may manifest as a sharp, piercing or burning sensation or as a dull ache.  The pain may spread into the legs or feet or the arms and hands and there may be other symptoms including tingling, weakness or numbness.

Back Pain: Some Bad Habits

Most back pain is the result of habits we pick up unconsciously. Over time, these bad habits cause our spines to lose flexibility. We ignore the warning signals and by the time we realize there is a problem, we are already in pain and unable to function properly.

The causes include bad posture, repetitive twisting motion, bad sleeping habits and excessive sitting. Yes, that’s right, if you sit too much, over time, you may experience back pain. Of course, injuries can also cause back pain, but a lot of the time, it is our bad habits that get us into trouble

Back Pain and Your Chiropractor

Because chiropractors do not just treat symptoms, but instead treat the spine and the entire body as one, they are exceptionally able to restore balance and reduce pain by making us aware of our bad habits.

There is a range of techniques that chiropractors use to help correct the damage caused by these bad habits.Using a variety of hands on methods, chiropractors ease back pain by manipulating the spine which helps the body heal faster. These manipulations or “adjustments” work with our body’s own recuperative abilities instead of masking symptoms with the use of drugs.

source; Anthem Chiropractic, By Dr. Derek Day –

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