Walking Off Dinner


You have heard this before – taking a walk after eating a big meal, such as Thanksgiving dinner, or after any meal, for that matter – can help with digestion. It is better than lying down in a food coma, they say,  falling asleep on the couch with your hands on your full belly. But is this a myth, or it is the truth?

IMG_0403Turns out, New York Times reported that this is in fact not a myth. This is true.

You have heard us tout the benefits of daily walks before. Now there is even MORE incentive to get moving… especially after eating a meal. The New York Times notes that researchers have found that walking after consuming a meal will aid digestions and improve blood sugar levels.

“Researchers say that a post-meal stroll helps clear glucose from the bloodstream in part because more of it is taken up by the muscles,” the article states.

Worried that you don’t have time to squeeze in a long walk after cooking, doing the dishes, putting the kids to bed, etc, etc, etc? Not to worry, researchers say the benefits can be seen in as little as 15 minutes. So leash up the dog, put the kids in the stroller, and take a walk around your neighborhood. You will meet some of your neighbors, relieve some stress, and help that meal move along!

source; www.meccamedical.com by – Heather

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