Chiropractic and Posture

Did you know that posture can be an indicator of your spine’s condition? Poor posture tells us there may be a problem with your spine and nervous system.

One of the outward signs of this inner problem is slouching or forward head posture. This can be caused by many things, such as car accidents, sports injuries, working with computers, and loss of bone density.

Most people involved in auto accidents in which the head is whipped back and forth will suffer loss of the normal spinal curvature in the neck. When this occurs, the weight of the head is displaced and places pressure on the discs, muscles and nerves of the cervical spine. This leads to muscle strain because they are working harder to balance the weight of the head and uneven wearing of the discs and joints of the cervical spine.

Another common posture problem is a forward tilt of the pelvis which causes you to carry more weight towards the front of your body. This in turn can cause the lumbar (lower back) spine to curve towards the front of your body and your core muscles to weaken. This is one of the most common causes of low back pain.

Chiropractors are experts at analyzing posture and spinal problems. They are trained in the art of detection. Long-standing postural problems will typically take longer to address than short-lived ones, as often the joints have adapted to your chronically poor posture. Awareness of your own posture and knowing what correct posture feels like with help you to consciously correct yourself. With much practice, the correct posture for standing, sitting, and lying down will gradually replace your old posture. Your doctor of chiropractic can assist you on the road to correct posture, including adjusting your vertebral misalignments and recommending exercises to strengthen your core postural muscles.

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