Don’t Let Wrapping Christmas Presents Become a Pain!


Wrapping a present is usually a simple task. When the presents pile up, however, the job at hand can become a pain in your back. Spending hours wrapping in a bad posture can make the task more tedious and cause pain and repetitive stress injuries. Implement some basic ergonomic principles and you can complete the task quickly, more comfortably, and have better-looking results.

The most important advice we can give you: never wrap presents while sitting on the floor. Wrapping presents requires a good deal of space and the floor is usually one of the first candidates, but you should avoid it at all costs. Kneeling or sitting at the same level where the wrapping is taking place causes you to bend a lot—as well as stretch into uncomfortable positions—putting a great deal of stress on the neck and low back.

Wrapping at a table, counter, or bar is a good solution. A kitchen table with a chair will typically provide you with a good working height while seated. Be aware that cutting the gift wrap still requires stretching, standing, and bending. Wrapping presents while standing at a counter or bar is actually your best bet. Clear off a three to four foot section of a counter. Place the roll of paper at the back so that you can unroll it towards you, which will allow you to pull out as much paper as you need to wrap the package. Let it hang down to maximize your work space. Wrapping at a counter while standing will give you all the access you need without stressing your body. Remember to stop and stretch at least every 30 minutes.

Wrapping Christmas presents can be a daunting challenge during the holiday season. Be aware of the stress your body will be under and take appropriate measure to ward off repetitive stress injuries. If you do experience pain or discomfort, consider scheduling your next chiropractic visit. We can help you alleviate your pain naturally so you can enjoy the holiday season as it was meant to be!

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