Pain in the Neck?

Neck pain is extremely common. Like the rest of the body, the bones in the neck (cervical spine) slowly degenerate as we age. This frequently results in arthritis. When it occurs in the neck, it’s called cervical spondylosis. Although it’s a form of arthritis, cervical spondylosis rarely becomes a crippling or disabling type. Pain from cervical spondylosis can be mild to severe.

Symptoms Include:

• neck pain and stiffness
• numbness and weakness in the arms, hands, and fingers
• loss of balance
• muscle spasms in neck and shoulders
• headaches
• grinding or popping sound/feeling in the neck as you move it.

Chiropractic Care for Cervical Spondylosis Includes:

• Physical examination to determine the restricted joint motion, tenderness, triggers points and muscle spasm
• Manual stretching of the neck to relax the neck muscles
• Therapeutic massage
• Manipulation of the neck
• Stretching and strengthening exercises of the neck and shoulder muscles
• Mobilization and range of motion exercises
• Advice on lifestyle modifications like regular exercises at home, use of supportive neck cuff and ways to reduce the strain on the neck.

If you have any of the above symptoms, come see the professionals at Bauman Chiropractic. Our doctors will do a thorough examination and determine a course of treatment. Get back on the road to wellness today!

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