Standing In Your Own Way

We did it! We survived the holiday hangover that is the month of January and have made it into February – land of President’s Day weekend, Valentine’s Day, and the beginning signs of longer days.

By now, the motivation for keeping up with your new year goals is starting to fade. Those healthy meals are giving way to convenient “on-the-go” dinners, stress is making fitting in that workout seem impossible.

On the top of most people’s resolution list is always something health related. Quit smoking, eat better, exercise more, finally address that chronic back pain. The funny thing is, falling back into an unhealthy routine can be too easy.

I’m here to ask you – are you being honest with yourself? Are you getting in your own way when it comes to your health?

Many times, people aren’t open to change. Aren’t open to trying different, healthy foods, or trying chiropractic to get rid of that back pain.

Be open to the process, be open to evolution.


source; Mecca Medical – posted by Heather

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