The Bauman Chiropractic Hay Bale Goes Up In Flames

With the loss of our current hay bale we want to extend a Thank You to our community for the love and support we’ve received.  We are currently working on getting another hay bale in place and our Bauman Hay Bale tradition will continue.




Want To Be Apart Of The Bauman Hay Bale Tradition?

This year we began the Bauman Hay Bale Art Challenge, a chance for groups, charities, and organizations to raise money for their cause.  Each group will have their own hay bale to design and decorate according to the chosen theme.  This is an opportunity to have fun and work together as a team for a good cause.  For participating each group will receive $50 ($25 for breaking down), 2nd place WINS $100, and 1st place WINS $300!!!  If your group, charity, or organization would like to participate and become apart of the Bauman Hay Bale tradition please call (850)819-3268.  Or click HERE for more information.




Panama City News Herald Article – Bauman Hay Bale Fire

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