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Over the years Bauman Chiropractic has become known for our Bauman Hay Bales. What started out as a holiday decoration has turned into something that has quite an effect on the community. All throughout the year, we have calls asking "What will the hay bale be next?". It's funny how something so small can cause such a reaction.

Dr. Reid Bauman has decided to take it a step further and start the Bauman Chiropractic Hay Bale Art Challenge in Panama City FL for various charities, groups, and organizations to raise money for their cause. Each group will have their own hay bale to design and decorate according to the chosen theme. This is a challenge in which groups have the opportunity to have fun and work together as a team for a good cause. We encourage our participants to think outside the box with their designs, some of our most popular hay bales have been made with old buckets, lids, and scraps of junk. The whole point is to raise money not spend money!!

Our Hay Bales in Panama City FL

Our Hay Bale Art Challenges are usually on a Saturday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. After the challenge closes at 4:00 pm, photos of each hay bale will be posted in a poll through the Bauman Chiropractic website and then it's up to the public to vote for their favorite. Voting remains open for 2 weeks and then a 1st and 2nd place winner will be announced. For participating, each group will receive $50 (an additional $25 for breaking down), 2nd place will receive $100, and 1st place will receive $300!!

We believe this is a great opportunity to have FUN and raise money and awareness for your charity, group, or organization. For information about the next Bauman Chiropractic Hay Bale Art Challenge please call (850) 785-8311 or stop by our office for an information packet.


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