Bauman Chiropractic Photos & Memories in Panama City FL

Chiropractor Panama City FL Reid Bauman Group PhotoWelcome to the Bauman Chiropractic Photo Album. This page is dedicated to sharing photos and memories, throughout the year, with our patients, friends, and family. Check out our Bauman social media links for more news and updates from Bauman Chiropractic in Panama City FL.

Bauman Chiropractic in Panama City FL

Chiropractic Panama City FL Cow

Special THANKS to our NEW Hay Bale Artist, Chantelle Earegood!!

We LOVE the new COW Hay Bale!

Chiropractic Panama City FL Therapy Old Photos

After cleaning out our storage we came across a few old photos of Joe, Alburn, and John.

Just a few changes over the years.

Chiropractic Panama City FL Giraffes

Thank you to Laura and Bert for these April the Giraffe and baby Tajiri Hay Bales.
They turned out GREAT!!!

Chiropractor Panama City FL Marianne Bauman Miss HellenMiss Helen
Miss Helen stopped in recently to give us all some of her famous "Helen Hugs". For those of you who were lucky to work with her or to meet her, you were always greeted with a Helen Hug! We love and miss you, Miss Helen.

Chiropractor Panama City FL Reid Bauman Therapy Whole TeamWe're saying goodbye and good luck to one of our Bauman Chiropractic family members, Brittany. We're all sad to see you go but it makes it so much easier knowing you'll be with your family, friends, and loved ones in Ohio State. All of our Love & Best wishes on this next chapter. We'll miss you!

Chiropractor Panama City FL Reid Bauman Team At Lunch

Brittany's Going Away Breakfast

Chiropractor Panama City FL Reid Bauman Boat Trip

Bauman Boat Day 2016

Chiropractic Panama City FL Therapy Team CupsWhat do you do when you run out of cups?? Improvise!

Chiropractor Panama City FL Reid Bauman Celebration
Our Best of Bay Celebration for the Doctors, staff, and patients. THANK YOU again for Voting Bauman Chiropractic Best of Bay 2015 for Chiropractic Care. We also want to Congratulate Bauman therapist Joe Edgecombe for winning Best of Bay 2015 for Massage Therapist.
Chiropractic Panama City FL Staff Recogniztion

Bauman Employee Recognition
Nikki's Retirement Party

The Hay Bale Tractor is Hauling the Turkey to Thanksgiving Dinner
Chiropractic Panama City FL Tractor

Happy Birthday Wishes to our Michele!!!
Chiropractic Panama City FL Michele Birthday

The 1st Annual Bauman Kick Ball Tournament
Chiropractic Panama City FL Kickball 2

Sea Turtle Hay Bale
Chiropractic Panama City FL Turtle

Thanks for VOTING
Bauman Chiropractic Reader's Choice in Chiropractic for
Panama City Living Magazine
Living Readers Award

Happy Birthday Joe
Chiropractic Panama City FL Joe Birthday

Angry Bird Hay Bale

July 4th 2014

Joe's Surprise Luau for His Secret Pal Stephanie

Austin's High School Graduation

Cindy's Going Away Party - May 2014

Chiropractic Panama City FL Going Away Party 2


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