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The basic theory of chiropractic care indicates that the communication between the brain and every cell in the body via the nervous system can be either irritated or impeded. If irritation occurs, the cells/tissues/organs at the end of the communication function too much, as in a muscle spasm. If impedance occurs, the cells/tissues/organs at the end of the communication function too little, as in numbness. A chiropractor's job is to identify and correct these areas of irritation or impedance.

At Bauman Chiropractic in Panama City FL, our structural/mechanical approach to treatment utilizes not only chiropractic care but also massage therapy and physiotherapy. Many cases will involve a team effort utilizing referral for neurological or orthopedic evaluation. Patients in need of further diagnostic testing may be sent for CT, MRI, or video motion X-ray to aid in the documentation of soft tissue injury.

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As part of our commitment to providing the best chiropractic care, we utilize the latest equipment and technologies available, including digital X-ray and infrared cold laser. Our advanced imaging equipment gives us the ability to email images to equipped radiologists for faster radiographic reports. Images can be zoomed, inverted, rotated, etc., then burned to a CD for a patient or co-treating physician.

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