Rebound Pain

Rebound pain, usually associated with the diagnosis and treatment of migraine headaches affects many people each day. Other health challenges may also produce the same effect but, most often, migraines patients taking analgesics will experience this phenomenon. Many medications can trigger this type of pain including aspirin, acetaminophen, muscle relaxers and opioids. Long acting medications produce less rebound pain than short acting ones.

When Does Rebound Pain Occur?

Rebound pain occurs during routine use of medication with patients reporting increased pain between doses. When the patient takes the next dose of medication, the pain reduces, leading the patient to believe that the medication is actually treating the pain. Instead, as the medication filters out of the blood stream in between doses, pain increases. Further doses serve to reduce pain, but only due to the end of a mini-withdrawal, and not therapeutic effectiveness of the medication. In patients suffering from migraines, this cycle can cause hospitalization and treatment with IV DHE.

Rebound Pain and Chiropractors

This problem does not occur with chiropractic treatments for migraine since no medication is prescribed. Pain relief is natural and longer lasting, often permanent without the use of constant cycles of drugs and withdrawals. For this reason, chiropractic treatment is becoming a more popular way of treating migraine pain. Avoiding the cycle of medication is the best way to eliminate the problem.

Chiropractors use effective natural treatments and spinal adjustments to treat the source of possible migraines rather than just giving out medications to mask the symptoms. This makes the treatment much more effective and less harmful to your system. Medications bring side effects which can be short-term or even permanent. Rebound pain is one of these side effects and can be avoided.

We are inundated on a daily basis with commercials that tell us to ask our doctor about this or that medication. At the end of the ad, we hear a long list of possible side effects, many of which are worse than the disease we had to begin with. Chiropractic treatments help us avoid the use of medications and instead, bring back a natural balance to our bodies. So if you want to rid yourself of the chance of experiencing rebound pain, make an appointment with a Chiropractor today!

source; Anthem Chiropractic, By Dr. Derek Day –

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